This proved to be quite difficult, my hair had faded quite a lot, parts of it weren’t even black anymore, they were just brown, my natural hair colour.


I then bleached my fringe twice for an hour each time. The roots went blonde but the ends didn’t dye aswell (Im assuming this is because of some of the black dye still being on the ends of my fringe)

After being bleached:

I didn’t want to damage my hair anymore for now so I then mixed half Blue lagoon and half turquoise of Directions hairdye and put it over the bleached area.

I also dyed the rest of my hair black to cover the rest of the brown.

End result:

Not as bright as I would of liked, but because it’s my fringe it grows pretty quickly, I’m going to wait for it to fade and then give it another bleach, it probably only needs one more so the bright bluey colour is even all over :)